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Ventilator Care

The Children’s Center at The Phoenix specializes in providing diagnostic testing, education, and therapy for children dependent on ventilation support.

The Children’s Center at the Phoenix utilizes the state-of-the-art VOCSN Unified Respiratory System.

This portable system delivers five therapies:

  • Ventilation

  • Oxygen

  • Cough

  • Suction

  • Nebulization

This Multi-Function Ventilator is customizable for each child. It can deliver all five therapies or just the mix of therapies needed. The VOCSN system is simple with a quick and easy setup, intuitive touchscreen operation, and Ventec one circuit. It is mobile as it is 70% lighter and smaller than five separate devices and has up to 9 hours of onboard battery.

By unifying ventilation, cough, and suction into one system, it now takes seconds instead of minutes to administer cough therapy with Touch Button Cough™.which offers uninterrupted ventilation between therapies, and it is designed to drastically reduce the risk of circuit mis-connects.

Our dynamic team provides education and training in the care of your child with a ventilator/tracheostomy to allow your family visits outside of the facility. The Children’s Center at The Phoenix provides 24/7 respiratory care with a skilled team with extensive years of experience and expertise.

Our team focuses on providing family-centered care. We coordinate an interdisciplinary approach to make sure we address every need your child and family may have. We truly treat the patient holistically.

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