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Offering respite care in a therapeutic environment, The Children’s Center at The Phoenix provides a variety of services to those 21 and younger. If you are caring for a child with a disability or special needs, it can oftentimes feel overwhelming. Respite is not only satisfying to those receiving care but fulfilling for caregivers alike. Respite services provide short-term care and supervision consistent with the health needs of the child to supplement care to provide a safe living environment and/or to support or relieve caregivers for the benefit of the person.

Services can be provided as planned or unplanned, in a non-routine interval, focusing on rest and relief to family members or other unpaid caregivers who reside with and provide ongoing care to the child.

Whether going on vacation or simply desiring a break from daily care to renew energy, respite provides caregivers and families with immense benefits from maintaining health, affording time to refocus, and offering a break from the care routine. Respite care can be used on short notice to cover an emergency, like an illness or a crisis that calls you away from your child.

Respite delivers perspective, allowing caregivers to think more clearly to provide their loved ones the best care possible. Our interdisciplinary team is here for you whenever you need us - affording you peace of mind that your child is receiving exceptional care in an environment that can accommodate all of your child’s needs.

The Children’s Center at the Phoenix is the only pediatric facility that provides respite care services in a skilled nursing setting.

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