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Refuah Program

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The Children's Center at The Phoenix is proud to offer our Refuah Program. Our Refuah Program respects the dignity of life while providing services that are rooted in the understanding and appreciation of Judaism.

Our program includes Refuah Concierge Services offered 24 hours a day. Our team has been educated in the religious traditions and practices of Judaism and the Jewish People. Our deep familiarity with the needs and concerns of Jewish patients and their families ensures that we appreciate and accommodate the diversity of Jewish expression within our community.

Our mission remains the same: To provide the highest standards in care for our residents and families through progressive clinical care, meaningful support, and extraordinary experiences.

  • Bikur Cholim Room

  • Shabbas Accommodations

  • Rabbi on Staff

  • Halachic Medical Advisory Board

  • Kosher Food Upon Request

  • Shomer Shabbas Friendly Facility

  • Specialized Recreation Programs

  • Complimentary Shabbas Stay at Neighboring Hotel

  • 24 hours a day Refuah Concierge Services

“We had a great great time today in your facility today.  We have seen many Staff and many people that do this. But today we felt like it's much more than just a facility It's like a new family. We are his family but it looks like we have a new competition. Every one of the staff members was so welcoming and so warm. And this is not an easy job. It's not a job that someone can do for just money, it's a job that Special people are doing because they have something very Special inside their heart.

We have seen many facilities and they were good but By you at the Children’s Center at The Phoenix, it feels much more and feels like family.  We are so comfortable giving him to you guys to take care of. We are sure and we know that your amazing staff will do a great great job. We already love everyone and each of the staff  Please send them my regards and our love. We hope and are sure to have a great family relationship by taking care of him TOGETHER. ”

Close to All Jewish Communities


  • Monsey = 20 minutes

  • Monroe = 40 minutes

  • Boro Park = 1 hour

  • Lakewood = 1 hour & 20 Minutes

  • Passaic = 25 minutes

  • Teaneck = 20 minutes

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