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October 13, 2022


Dear Families/Representative,

Hope everyone is doing well! Children Center is very excited to announce our Pediatric Shuttle Service launching Monday October 17th, 2022! The facility will now have a 6- person shuttle minivan that will be providing pick up and drop off in a central location in New York and New Jersey Wednesdays through Sundays. We have a hired a driver, Mr. Evan who will be coordinating the trips!

To reserve for the shuttle, please log into our website: and click Children Center or directly go and click on Shuttle Reservation which will give you the opportunity to book reservations in New York or New Jersey location. The pickup from the facility back to the central location is also listed on the shuttle page. Families have the right to use the trip one way if they want to stay longer during their visit.


  1. Two visitors per family during each ride

  2. Shuttle van is available twice a week for each family members to allow all families to be able to utilize the service

  3. Families are recommended to please wear mask during the ride as it will be shared space with other families

  4. Please reserve at least 24 hours from the trip to guarantee a spot

  5. Families will be notified if the trips are over booked

  6. Please be respectful of other families and driver during the trip

Please keep in mind that this is our pilot program and would appreciate feedback from families once we have it up and running to tweak along the way!

Should you have any questions please let me or your social worker know.


Thank you!


Natasha Islam, LNHA


Child Specialist Flyer.png

Introducing New Renovations and Pediatric Programming


At The Children’s Center at The Phoenix, we have one goal in mind, to provide individualized pediatric medical and rehabilitation services that ensure the dignity, worth, and individuality of each child who comes through our doors.

Last year, The Children’s Center at The Phoenix was excited to partner VOCSN. Our VOCSN Ventilators seamlessly integrate five separate devices including a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer into one unified respiratory system. 

The Refuah Program is the first to be executed. This program provides services that are understanding and appreciative of Judaism. The Children’s Center at The Phoenix noticed a major need for placement in the Jewish community. With a Halachic Medical Advisory Board, a highly qualified Rabbi on staff, readily available Kosher food on hand and a Bikur Cholim room for families, the Refuah Program is truly one-of-a-kind.

With state-of-the-art technology, advanced programming, and experienced and nurturing staff who go above the call of duty, the Children’s Center at The Phoenix has quickly become the most trusted facility in the tri-state area.