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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

At The Children’s Center at The Phoenix, we treat children for a wide range of developmental concerns including all types of developmental delays, attention and hyperactivity disorders, learning problems, and behavioral issues.

Our clinicians are certified in diagnosing and overseeing treatment for children who need physical rehabilitation services, such as physical or occupational therapy. Our dynamic team comes together to create a customized care plan to enhance the behavior, psychosocial, and developmental care of the child.

Our team of professionals works with children displaying a broad rand of behavioral and developmental psychological issues. As we treat your child's obvious ailment, we also take a mental health approach to rehabilitation, short term, and long term care.

As we treat our pediatric patients, we also look to provide supportive services to extended families as well. We want to help parents develop a positive relationship with their children while helping them to manage negative behavior and increase positive behavior with positive and effective discipline.

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